Class B Portfolio

A “Class B” Portfolio is comprised of “Mid-Range” single family residential properties, Town homes, and condominiums and are what we like to call “Tile Style Rooftops”. Properties that were built in the 80’s or newer were more than likely constructed with tile rooftops as oppose to asphalt or wooden shingles. While older properties can be updated, we believe that older properties have higher potential for deferred maintenance issues that can be costly and completely change the scope of the investment.


These properties are within all types of communities throughout the valley and can be within a Home Owner’s Association (HOA). While the conformity of homes within an HOA can increase a home’s value, the monthly HOA liability can drastically affect the Return on Investment.


These properties provide average household  rents and produce a Return On Investment that can range between 6%-8% not factoring property appreciation or depreciation. We consider for these properties to have a “normal” stability factor but through proper credit and background checks, we can increase the stability of the property’s performance