Selling a business can often times be a daunting task filled with many unknown dangers and hidden opportunities. Most people do not realize the amount of work that goes into selling a business, or the potential pitfalls to look for when purchasing one. At Omniterra Solutions we believe that being properly prepared is vital in marketing the sale of any business, and that the ability to analyze a business financials and growth is monumental. That is why we provide our clients with a comprehensive plan from start to finish.


 Perform Financial Analysis and Valuation

Many times people are not aware of what their business is worth, or even where to begin in establishing a value. We pride ourselves in our meticulous nature in filtering through the business financial statements, as to distinguish between income and expenses in order to figure out the value of the business. By separating potential comingled expenses, we are able to often times establish a higher value with add-backs and other bookkeeping misplacements.


Locate Qualified Buyers

While many brokers are very reactive and simply put advertising online to sell a business, Omniterra solution’s proactive approach is composed of dedicated individuals following up with owners and buyers daily, as well as direct marketing, which gives us an edge in exposure. Our direct calling methods generate buyers who are experienced operators looking to expand and have the financial ability to not only purchase a business, but are also qualified to assume a lease when necessary.


Discretion and Confidentiality

Selling a business is stressful enough without employees potentially “jumping ship” if they hear that an owner is selling a business. That is why our methods of sales require buyers to sign non-disclosure agreements so as not to interfere with the business. This also applies to the business financial information which is provided to any third party.


Assist with Negotiation

Having the right representation helps you navigate through negotiations by allowing the broker to be a buffer, so that there are no high-stress negation tactics, which often times are counterproductive. By utilizing market data and analyzing business financials, we can help make the case for your business’s value.